with Amelia Adrian

Thursday morning 9.30 am – 10.30am

Amelia was one of the first yoga teachers in London and the UK who combined Yoga and Essential Oils to create an experience of Aromayoga.
Amelia sensed that “the oils take us into a relaxed and receptive state very quickly, and that they act as a catalyst to take us inwards, facilitating a deeper connection.”

The Science;seems to back this up: Our sense of smell is extremely powerful responding within 0.5 seconds, (compared to our pain response which is 0.9 seconds). Smell begins with the breath, and breathing is the most vital of all human bodily functions. In Yoga we prioritise this attention to our breath.  Two phases – inhalation and exhalation.  When we inhale an aroma it travels up the Olfactory tract. The Olafactory tract sends signals to the limbic system which involves structures that are concerned with emotions, instinctive behaviours, drives, motivation and feelings.

And this is where the power of Aroma lies. Our Amygdala, part of the Limbic system, is co-coordinating responses to environmental stimuli, especially those with emotional content. The Amygdala is the initial part of the brain where a stressor is registered and it decides if that stressor is a “sign of danger”. If the image is seen as danger, the amygdala sends an alarm distress signal and the stress response begins. Our sense of smell has a direct access to the amygdala (just one synapse away) and hence can potentially interrupt the stress response giving us a pause, a breathing gap, a moment to choose a different response. When we combine this with Yoga, a practice which invites us to open and relax, we create huge potential for spaciousness, for more agency in our own lives and the ability to make calmer responses to our life situations.

Aromayoga is an experience in which your senses are activated and touched, and not just your sense of smell, but your sensitive self and your soulful self. Aromayoga, as it is designed by Amelia is intended to be a full body, heart and mind experience. You leave the class FEELING different. Yoga is great for opening the body, but it is more than just a stretching exercise. It opens us to change, to feel differently at the end of the practice to how we felt at the start.

This Class is open to all whether you are brand new to yoga, an experienced yogi, or a yoga teacher who is curious about also teaching with Essential Oils. Your level of experience is not important in my class, only your willingness to be changed and feel something new.

You can expect a deeply nourishing class, in which you’ll be instructed how to use carefully selected Essential Oils to bring maximum benefit. As an Aromatherapist, Amelia selects specific Oils with the medicinal and calming qualities to soothe, calm and uplift you. You’ll practice some standing poses to open and stretch out the body, followed by a sequence of grounded postures to centre and stabilise you.

As a special bonus in September to celebrate the opening of this Class if you buy a 4x class pass you will be gifted Amelia’s series of 7 audio meditations Evolve.

Book your Class here https://momence.com/u/amelia-adrian-vOtnJA

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