If you feel like you’ve tried unsuccessfully to meet exercise goals in the past then this January try turning the dial down to tiny.

Find  support and inspiration with our January Workshop: 

How to Build Exercise Habits that Last!

Sunday 21st January 2 – 4:30pm 

with Mary Brooking & Caroline Hire

Caroline Hire & Mary Brooking will coach you in a technique they use, based on the principles of Tiny Habits, that can help you drive behaviour change in any aspect of your life by starting small. It’s fast, and less scary than big resolutions and doesn’t rely on willpower but it allows you to gain momentum and can grow into a far-reaching change.

In this workshop you’ll dig deeper into your aspirations, then design behaviours to meet them that are effective, achieveable, and tiny. Together we’ll investigate ways they can become part of your existing routine so a habit can be formed. And we’ll celebrate too, because this plays a key role in keeping a behaviour alive and nurtured.

The workshop is for exercise and non-exercise enthusiasts alike. It’s for you if you want to move more in 2024, or if there are physio exercises you can’t seem to stick to, or if you’d like to add strength sessions but somehow never have enough time. It’s for you if you’re human!  That’s because motivation naturally goes up and down. Forget about beating yourself up, relying on willpower is the problem, not a lack of it. Instead try our process to design behaviours that are so tiny and easy that they generate their own momentum yet lead to cumulative results.

In the workshop we’ll put these techniques into practice with some mini sessions on breathwork, strength-training and massage ball release where we explore what tiny looks like and how it can grow. They are suitable whatever your starting point.

You’ll come away with a clear and achievable goal for 2024, one that resonates with you and will lead you towards the results you want. You will also have a tool that you can apply to any behaviour you’d like to welcome into your life. Plus you may well come away with a new enthusiasm for breathwork, strength-training or self-massage, or something that’s totally your own!

Mary Brooking is a sports massage therapist & running coach and Caroline Hire is a health coach, yoga teacher & EFT practitioner. They both have practices based in the Sunflower Centre and are offering a voucher for 50% off a session with each of them for sports massage, 1:1 running coaching, health coaching, EFT therapy or 1:1 yoga for all workshop attendees. The workshop will also include handouts of course material and healthy & tasty refreshments.

£40. Early Bird offer before 6th January: £35

Booking link: https://hillyfieldsrunsessions.setmore.com/

Mary Brooking: https://www.marybrooking.co.uk/

Caroline Hire: https://www.carolinehire.co.uk/

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