The Core and why it’s Central
A workshop with Pilates teacher Jenny Smith.

Come and find your core with me in this afternoon workshop. We will work all the muscles of the core – top to bottom, back, side and front. Learning to properly engage muscles, including ones we didn’t know we have.

We often think about the core in terms of our abdominal muscles, but it’s better to think about the core as the trunk or torso or perhaps the muscles which support the axial skeleton.

Strong core muscles make more efficient human bodies. It gives us greater power, better posture and can help alleviate pain and prevent injuries.

If we want to make daily life more comfortable, improve breathing and functional movement, enhance sporting activities and provide ballast to our cardiovascular fitness – a strong core is essential

Everyone is welcome. Newbies, old hands, Yogis, Pilates aficionados, cyclists, runners, golfers, young and old. We’ll all learn something new about our bodies which we can take forward into our daily lives, sporting and exercising activities.

For more information, to chat, or to book, please contact Jenny on 077 8966 8082 or

  • Jenny Smith - Pilates Teacher

    Jenny Smith

    With a background in dance, personal fitness and yoga, Jenny has specialist Pilates training focusing on rehabilitation–based practice, which includes those with serious injuries and conditions.


2pm – 3.30pm

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