May I be as good a friend to myself as I am to others.”  An opportunity to explore how we can bring self-compassion into our daily lives.

With the approach of the Holiday Season, and all that it brings, Jane Sethi and Rebecca Hill will be offering an in person session at the Sunflower Centre. Whether you are new to self-compassion work or would like to practice in community, this will be a chance to spend time together, and to connect or reconnect with our inner compassionate voice as we move into the festive period. 

The session will start with a short explanation / reminder of self-compassion and the role that self kindness, mindfulness and common humanity perform in supporting us on our journey to greater self-compassion. This will be followed by a couple of self-compassion based meditations with some gentle group discussion (typically called inquiry). It is entirely up to participants whether they wish to share as part of the discussion. We will wrap up the session with an exploration of how we might create some space for greater self-compassion during the Holiday Season through informal or formal practices.

If you would like to bring to the session your own yoga mat, meditation seat or cushion(s) and blanket you are invited to do so. Otherwise some equipment will also be available at the centre. There is no strenuous exercise involved, the equipment is there to support you and ensure your comfort. 

No mindfulness or meditation experience required.

We will be a small group so request you book your place in advance by emailing Rebecca Hill at

Find out more and book via Rebecca’s website:

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  • Rebecca Hill

    With a background in coaching and consultancy, Rebecca leads self-compassion workshops
  • Jane Sethi

    With decades of experience in meditation and mindful practices, Jane leads mindful self-compassion workshops

Saturday 16th December 2023



a recommended donation of £45/£55/£65 for the session



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