Therapeutic Flower Arranging Workshop

Join in this therapeutic flower arranging workshop as you step into the energy of spring. 

As you notice the days have become longer and the nights shorter, you begin to shake off the long dark days of winter, evoking the sense of happiness, and positivity as you see the flowers of spring taking their place in this season.

This is flower arranging with a difference, it’s creating mindful moments with flowers.  It’s an opportunity for some time out to breathe in the new energy that spring brings, tap into your creativity and connect with yourself in some flower arranging.  You don’t have to be a lover of flowers or have any floristry skills to be able to join.

Under the guidance of Yvette (The Spiritual Flower Lady) you will …

  • Learn how to create your flower arrangement, in a container.
  • Find time for some relaxation, and a little meditation.
  • Be taught how to care for and condition your flowers.
  • Taught how to connect with the energy of flowers.
  • Learn the meaning behind the flowers that you’ll be working with.
  • Begin to see flowers with different eyes.

You’ll leave the workshop feeling relaxed, happy, and euphoric with the creation you are taking away with you as a gift for yourself or for someone else, whilst having awakened a new or forgotten part of you.

No floristry skills needed.
All materials required will be supplied.

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  • Yvette Munasinghe

    Yvette is passionate about creating mindful moments with flowers and to use them as a tool to help navigate life, by teaching you how to connect to them and about the energetic messages that they have.

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