Immerse yourself in the practice of Yoga with our varied classes. Explore antenatal, postnatal, and pregnancy-focused sessions, uncovering relaxation, meditation, and improved flexibility. Embark on a transformative voyage, embracing holistic well-being as you attain equilibrium and serenity through the practice of Yoga.

We have a number of yoga classes with a variety of teachers to suit all ages & abilities.
See below for more information about our various classes, and please contact the teachers directly to book.

Aromayoga Classes

AromaYoga Classes

You can expect a deeply nourishing class that will infuse yoga with the medicinal and calming qualities of Essential Oils.

Dynamic Yoga

Anticipate a lively class with an energising yoga sequence, connecting to the breath and exploring finding ease, joy and freedom through movement.

Embodied Flow Yoga

Flowing postures moving from one to the other using the rhythm of breath, before settling into relaxation to close the class.

Gentle Yoga

Gentle Yoga

Gentle, considered yoga sequences to find space and ease in the body finishing with a generous relaxation.

Yin Yoga

Yin yoga is a slow and mediative; it is floor-based practice where poses are held for longer durations typically 3-5 minutes.

Pregnancy Yoga

Pregnancy Yoga

This class uses adapted yoga poses, fluid movement and teaches useful birthing positions to help you prepare for birth and motherhood.

Post-Natal Yoga

A gentle class (with baby) for anyone who would like support with postnatal healing and recovery.

Laura Igiehon - Mum and Baby Yoga Massage Instructor

Mindful Movement with Mama

These sessions are a relaxed, fun and interactive way of supporting your baby’s development with gentle moves, stretches, massage and swings.

Yoga Classes for Children

Emanuela’s Classes contain all the elements of yoga: Poses, breathing and mindfulness explored through stories, adventures and props

Yinyasa Flow Yoga

Join Evie for a mindfully paced Vinyasa Flow practice class paired with essential oils to bring a new dimension to your practice, helping you to stay present and connect to your breath.

1:1 Yoga CLasses for Chronic Pain

A private session that is personal to your requirements and helps create space and safety in your body, while building strength, balance, improved mobility, proprioception and breathing

Yoga teachers

Learn more about our Yoga teachers, their training and approach

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