About Teen Yoga

  • Gentle, nourishing, soothing and restorative yoga practices.
  • Exercise for body and mind.
  • Discover greater awareness and self-compassion.
  • Cultivate kindness to yourself and others.
  • Listen to your body, go at your pace.
  • No need to be stretchy and flexible, all bodies welcome!

Yoga and stress

Yoga can help to manage and reduce stress by activating the body’s rest and digest systems and bringing the stress response system into better balance and has an increasing evidence base for wellbeing and mental health.

Please do note though, this class is not a therapy group or mental health treatment.

About Mary Elliott:

I am a qualified Teen Yoga teacher (Teen Yoga for Mental Health, Teen Yoga Foundation /Yogacampus and Imagine Rest Yoga Nidra, Helen Moss) I’m delighted to be offering Teen Yoga classes at the Sunflower Centre. When I found myself increasingly sharing mindfulness, movement and breath work practices with clients in psychotherapy sessions, I wanted to offer these practices and their benefits more widely to teenagers through yoga classes. The Sunflower Centre, so established in offering mind and body therapies to the local community, feels a perfect home!

My classes will combine gentle yoga postures, simple sequences, breath work & yoga nidra*, all designed to be easy to take outside the class and integrate into daily life. There will be time for questions, and, if you like, for writing and/or art journaling.

*Yoga nidra is an effortless meditation with a focus on rest

Book here:  https://bookwhen.com/mary-teenyoga

Find out more here:  https://teenyogawithmary.co.uk/

Email me with any questions at melliott109@googlemail.com I look forward to hearing from you!

  • Mary Elliott - Child Psychotherapist

    Mary Elliott

    Mary is a UKCP registered Child Psychotherapist with extensive experience in private practice and other settings including NSPCC, schools, CAMHS and fostering agencies. She offers psychotherapy to primary age children and parent support work

Conttact Mary for more info


£15 drop in

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