Life Coaching for Motherhood and Beyond

Many women are surprised and even shocked how the arrival of the baby changes the way they feel about themselves and their identity, including in their relationships and within the framework of their values, priorities and boundaries. Next surprise comes when this ‘status quo’ changes again with each new stage of motherhood, right through to the teenage years and beyond. 

Who are we at this moment in time, how much are we needed and by whom, how can we learn to accept the change and find meaning in the most unsettling situations, how can we make sure we continue to care for ourselves while caring for others and take time to reflect on our journey so far?

The topics of  CHANGE and GROWTH are always in focus when I am supporting my clients.

My other coaching commitments currently include facilitating Life & Work Integration Coaching Programme for Phoebe (US) ( and volunteering as a Mentor in the Mentoring Programme for Ukrainian Women arriving in the UK. 

The topics Clients bring to my Coaching Programmes include, but are not limited to 

  • returning to fast-paced work environment with a baby under 6 months old 
  • negotiating a promotion coming back after maternity leave  
  • reconciling new priorities around spending time with the baby and the pressures of
  •  having to return to paid employment sooner than planned due to financial pressures
  • finding time for self-care when work and childcare take up most of one’s time
  • letting go of fixed ideas about being a ‘good parent, a good worker and a good partner’. 

Each coaching session is unique, but the connection and the relationship we create in the moment, further questions to clarify the ‘real issue’, uninterrupted time to think and reflect, awareness of instinctive (gut) responses to questions as well as appropriate level of challenge to stimulate Client’s creative thinking – remain the core of our interaction.

I’ve enjoyed supporting over 2000 women of all generations and from all professional backgrounds over the last 13 years. I have experienced life in many countries and speak Russian, English, French and some German, which helps me connect with people across borders and cultures.

I am excited to be able to offer Coaching Sessions face-to-face once again, now from the comfort of The Sunflower Centre.

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Please don’t hesitate to reach out with any questions about how I can support you on your journey. 

Please email or message on 078 1182 5107

  • Maria Yasnova - Life Coach

    Maria Yasnova

    Maria is a qualified and experience La Leche League breastfeeding Consultant as well as a Life Coach, focusing o the transition into Motherhood and Beyond

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