New Group starting on 8th June 2024


on every fourth Saturday of the month for six sessions 

The magic happens when women support each other through challenges and transitions, grieving and celebrating together. Connecting with each other can be hugely beneficial for our sense of wellbeing and belonging.

Just like we needed support in the early stages of Motherhood,  the need to create safe and enriching spaces to spend time together remains throughout our lives. It will be my privilege to facilitate such a space for you and to provide an opportunity to spend time ‘just for you’, share your thoughts, worries, dreams and goals.

We will use Art, Breath, Meditation, Listening and Gentle Discussion as well as creating space to rant and rage as needed (respectfully and within the safe container of our group).

The sessions are run on a monthly basis in a Series of 6 sessions covering all aspects of the Motherhood Journey, from expectations, surprises, insights, light-bulb moments, reflections etc.

A sample series topics will include, but not limited to a selection of topics below. It goes without saying that we will have time to debrief your burning issues and concerns at each session as needed:

Session 1: Introductions and all about holding space for each other, active listening and gentle acceptance. Topic to explore: ‘Emotions of Motherhood’.

Session 2: Burning questions and exploring our Values in the context of our families and wider network during this time of our lives.

Session 3: Burning questions and looking at how setting Boundaries can be helpful to protect our Values and Priorities in the current season of our Motherhood journey.

Session 4: Burning questions and exploring setting and achieving Goals (however big or small)

Session 5: Burning questions and Hot Seat Exercise (digging into that BIG QUESTION or DILEMMA)

Session 6: Burning questions, Gratitude and Reflecting on the Journey we’ve taken together as a group.

If you are interested in joining these group sessions, please save your seat via the link:

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  • Maria Yasnova - Life Coach

    Maria Yasnova

    Maria is a qualified and experience La Leche League breastfeeding Consultant as well as a Life Coach, focusing o the transition into Motherhood and Beyond
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New Group Starting on March 23rd 2024, 11am-12.30pm running on the fourth Saturday of the month for six sessions 

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