This is a rehabilitation tool that has become increasingly popular, not just for sporting injuries but also for any kind soft tissue dysfunction that is causing pain and inhibiting movement.

The targeted application of kinesiology tape lifts the skin, accelerating blood flow to improve oxygen and nutrient delivery to the tissues.  Different levels of tension of the tape along with specific shapes and lines of pull are used according to the nature of the injury and rehabilitation goal.

Typically, tape is applied between manual therapy treatments to help support the soft tissues/joints, improve circulation and lymphatic flow and reduce inflammation.  There is also evidence to suggest that taping can improve proprioception (awareness of the body in time and space) which is often adversely affected by pain and injury.  Sometimes athletes with a minor injury who still need to compete will use tape during their event to help support their movement.

David specializes in kinesiology taping – to book an appointment with him, please email:

  • David Robinson

    David Robinson

    With a background in personal training, sports fitness and martial arts, David combines remedial/sports massage therapy, kinesiology taping and movement therapy

£30 fro 20 min

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