Elevate your performance with an energising sports massage. Focused on sports injuries and recovery enhancement, this therapy utilises soft tissue techniques for remedial advantages. Encounter the rejuvenating impact of adept practitioners and remedial therapy, whether seeking relief from specific issues or indulging in comprehensive treatment to maintain your peak form.

For both sports people and anyone wishing to prevent or recover from a soft tissue injury.

Sports Massage is a form of soft tissue therapy. Benefits can include improved recovery from activity or injury, injury prevention, pain reduction and greater flexibility, range of motion and performance enhancement.

If you are a sportsperson, of any level, a sports massage can be beneficial, but you do not need to be an athlete to benefit.

Regular sports massage can form a useful part of a training programme in order to contribute to performance enhancement and injury prevention by reducing soft tissue tension and muscle imbalances to result in greater flexibility, range of motion and muscle tissue recruitment.

By increasing circulation and promoting tissue formation and repair sports massage can help improve recovery times from activity and rehabilitation from injury.

Assessment and evaluation of soft tissue condition and understanding client needs is a fundamental part of the therapy meaning each treatment is highly individual and focused. This includes advising on alternative action if soft tissue therapy is not appropriate at the time and providing rehabilitation exercises.

  • Mary Brooking

    Mary Brooking

    Mary is a qualified Sports Massage and Remedial Soft Tissue Therapist and is a member of SMA. She is also a keen runner and athlete and offers local running clubs
  • Anna Toombs

    Anna Toombs

    Anna has decades of experience in Fitness Instruction, Pilates and Remedial/Sports Massage Therapy. She combines movement, soft tissue therapy and energy healing
  • David Robinson

    David Robinson

    With a background in personal training, sports fitness and martial arts, David combines remedial/sports massage therapy, kinesiology taping and movement therapy

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