Osteopathy - An Overview

History & Context of Osteopathy
Osteopathy began life in the 1870s in the USA and took root here in the UK in the shape of its first osteopathic school in 1917.  There are stories of the early osteopaths treating their patient on a train platform, even resuscitating someone who almost drowned, simply using the principles of re-establishing movement.  The underlying basis of the work is to support health; using a refined sense of touch trained to sense imbalances in the structure and function of the body, we employ a range of therapeutic interventions that make changes by utilising the inherent capacity of the body to heal and repair itself. 

Osteopathy Now
Osteopathic medicine is statutorily regulated by the General Osteopathic Council (GOsC) under the terms of the Osteopaths Act 1993.  Osteopaths have Primary Care Status; anyone practicing as an osteopath must have received a thorough four year training in anatomy, physiology, pathology, clinical testing and technique, plus supervised clinical hours over a long period before graduating as a Registered Osteopath. 

Osteopathy at the Sunflower Centre
There has been a core of Osteopaths practicing in this building since 1991 and the Sunflower Centre itself was established in 2006. 

The combined experience of the four Sunflower Centre osteopaths is over 70 years and we been privileged to have supported this community and beyond for over 25 years.

  • Osteopathic Approaches

    Here you can find out more about structural and cranial approaches, ante- and postnatal and sports osteopathy
  • Our Osteopaths

    Let us direct you to the most appropriate practitioner if you have a particular need or preference around style of treatment

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