Osteopathy can offer help with difficulties feeding or sleeping, infantile colic, glue ear, developmental delay, aches and pains.

We can also check newborns, using cranial osteopathy, for any retained stresses in their bodies; this we recommend for all newborns, however especially for those born by ventouse, forceps or caesarian, or any very prolonged or very quick deliveries.

Yoga Play for Kids  Classes are fun, revitalising and relaxing.  Children (age 6-9) have a chance to learn about their bodies and the importance of strength, flexibility and relaxation.

Homeopathy works extremely well with both babies and children.  From childbirth to baby to toddler to school to teenager, homeopathy really helps with every stage in life.  With children we work to strengthen the body’s immune system so that it can protect and express when required.  Very often childhood illnesses are developmentally linked eg: the flare-up in eczema when a tooth is coming through; the cold when a child takes their first steps. They are also a child’s way of expressing themselves.  Very often it can prove unnecessary to treat a child during a short illness – unless they are expressing discomfort. We all are incredulous to how a child can come through a cold with no seeming effort or discomfort – apart from a very sticky nose!

Homeopathy can be used to treat many childhood illnesses including eczema, croup, molluscums, stomach upsets, chicken pox, coughs and colds, etc.  Many people like to bring their children for ‘constitutional’ visits, these are a regular monitoring of your child’s health and development and also an opportunity to chat about any concerns you might have, constitutional treatment is seen as providing a regular these boost to your child’s immune system.  Sometimes homeopathy can be the thing to try particularly if you think something is wrong but you can’t quite put your finger on it. 

Reflexology Babies and children are very receptive to reflexology treatments – the problems they have tend to be fairly new and they haven’t been exposed to all the toxins we encounter during our later years.  Working with the body, reflexology can help to alleviate problems such as colic and other digestive issues, ear problems including glue ear, sinus problems as well as chronic conditions.

  • Osteopathy Treatment


    The five Sunflower Centre osteopaths have over 90 years’ experience between them.
  • Emanuela Brahamsha - children’s yoga teacher

    Yoga Classes For Children

    Emanuela’s Classes contain all the elements of yoga: Poses, breathing and mindfulness explored through stories, adventures and props
  • Homeopathy


    Homeopathy is a holistic system of treatment that stimulates the body’s natural healing responses. It can help with acute as well as chronic conditions
  • Reflexology


    Through the application of gentle pressure to the reflex points of the feet and hands, the reflexologist helps to bring about deep relaxation and stimulates the body’s own healing responses

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