Registered Osteopath
Aidan Spencer

I joined the Sunflower Centre in 2006 as a recently qualified osteopath and have remained here since. I find its calm and therapeutic atmosphere greatly enhances my work with patients and like that the Centre is very much a part of the local community which it serves.

As well as my original osteopathic training at the British School of Osteopathy (BSO) and studies with the Institute of Classical Osteopathy, I completed an MSc in Paediatric Osteopathy at the internationally regarded Osteopathic Centre for Children. I supervised a special clinic run by the BSO in a primary school for children with severe social, emotional and behavioural problems. I worked at the Osteopathic Centre for Children for 13 years, latterly as a consultant-in-Charge and gained experience of running their clinic in Barnet Hospital Neonatal Intensive Care Unit treating premature babies. I have taught at post-graduate level in London and Europe and authored several chapters in “Differenzialdiagnosen in der Kinderosteopathie”, a German textbook on diagnosis for paediatric osteopaths. I have also undertaken extensive specialist training in classical and ‘cranial’ osteopathy.

As well as my interest in Paediatrics, I also specialise in identifying and addressing spinal postural patterns in patients of all ages. This is partly founded upon 30 years’ study of Chinese exercise systems. Interested patients are taught simple remedial exercises; I see our therapeutic relationship works most effectively as a partnership directed to relieve pain, promote healing and a return to health and function. I also provide ergonomic advice and have experience of carrying out workplace assessments to help prevent the common strains associated with deskwork arising in the first place – prevention being preferable to cure.

I am recognised by all the health insurers who cover osteopathy but am currently unable to accept new BUPA, AXA or Vitality patients.

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Therapy & Classes
  • Osteopathy Treatment


    The five Sunflower Centre osteopaths have over 90 years’ experience between them.
  • Qigong

    Qigong Classes London

    Qigong is a Chinese method of exercise that seeks to harmonise the mind, breath and movement of the body, to cultivate resilient health and strength
  • T’ai Chi

    Tai Chi Classes London

    Tai Chi is a movement practice based on the Chinese Taoists’ idea of softness overcoming rigid strength. It nurtures focus and attention and aids posture, strength, flexibility and agility

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