Chris Jude

The desire to experience healing and to bring about change in our lives can lead us to psychotherapy. We may not know what we want to talk about or find ourselves puzzled by how we feel or behave and tired of struggling on our own. Such experiences can be painful and lonely.

The impulse to bring something to an end and to create something different that brings hope and purpose to our lives is the beginning of change. Psychotherapy is the process through which we are professionally supported to engage with our desire for change and to learn how to accomplish it.

My personal experience of psychotherapy and the difference it makes to my own life led me to train as a psychotherapist. Initially a teacher in adult and further education, I progressed over time to senior leadership roles in education, including the NHS.  

Working with people of diverse backgrounds and life experiences, I remain deeply inspired and moved by how people can learn and develop, often in spite of tough life experiences and disadvantages.

I find it satisfying and rewarding to experience others develop new awareness and perspectives on life, take on new challenges and have a different experience of themselves and their relationship to others.      

My approach

I am a humanistic psychotherapist and counsellor. This means I work with the individual’s desire for change and their wish to live their life in a more fulfilling and satisfying way. I regard each person as unique and as having the capacity to learn and grow.  

I approach the therapy relationship as a partnership and draw on a wide range of  traditional and contemporary therapeutic models and techniques to support people to explore their experience and deepen their understanding of themselves.  A key aspect of the way I work is to enable each person to develop new options and solutions for themselves, to integrate what they learn and give it practical expression in their everyday life.

I bring warmth, intelligence and integrity to my psychotherapeutic role and practice and,  in addition to my professional training and personal therapy, draw deeply on my life, family and work experiences, as on-going sources of self-knowing and growth.

For my personal experiences of psychotherapy, I am indebted to the NHS and to Spectrum, the internationally recognised Centre for Humanistic Psychology in North London (

I am a graduate of Spectrum Centre for Humanistic Psychology, where I trained for eight years, completing over 2000 hours of training and where I am in ongoing professional supervision and professional development.

I have worked for City and Hackney Mind since 2009. My practice there includes psychotherapeutic work with parents at the Ann Tayler Children’s Centre and carers of adults with long-term mental health conditions.

I am experienced and qualified to work with
Anxiety and stress
Conflict and anger
Drug and alcohol
Eating disorders
Relationship issues
Self-esteem and confidence
Sexual abuse
Work and career issues

I am UKCP accredited, a member of the British Association for Counselling and Psychotherapy and of the UK Association of Humanistic Psychology Practitioners. I work to the BACP and Spectrum professional codes of ethics.  I have professional indemnity insurance and operate subject to UK law. I am CRB checked for my work with adults and children and have undertaken appropriate training in safeguarding.

I have a doctorate in literature. Until 2010, I was actively involved in international education initiatives and contributed regularly to publications on adult learning, community engagement and work-based learning. I am a school governor.

Contact me by email for an initial session so that we can explore in more detail what brings you to therapy and so I can answer any questions you have. At the end of the session, we will discuss whether we each think we can work effectively together and if so, we can then book further sessions.

I apologise, but I currently have no availability for new clients


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