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I’m a Kiwi who flew the nest over 8years ago, creating a new home in London. I began practicing yoga nearly 12 years ago to strengthen my mind and body. I enjoy teaching all-rounder flows that draw from yogic philosophy, encouraging students to continue their practice off the mat as well. In each class, I include at least one essential oil to add another sensation and dimension to my classes, pairing various oils to the flow of that day’s class. I currently have taught over 300 hours of yoga in a variety of styles, holding my Yoga Nidra and Vinyasa Yoga Teacher accreditations. My own practice continues to adapt as I journey through life, especially now as I am a mother. In each class I will invite you to connect to the breath and your body of the day- no need to hold onto previous practices or the sense to obtain something within the practice. Be here in the moment and move in the way that suits you now, today. 

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  • Embodied Flow Yoga

    Embodied Flow Yoga

    Flowing postures moving from one to the other using the rhythm of breath, before settling into relaxation to close the class.
  • MELT – A Mindful Workshop for Mum

    Creating a moment to pause, rest and retreat. An afternoon to move softly, find space in your mind and body. This workshop is tailored for mums, giving them space to nourish, rest and restore
  • Vinyasa Flow Yoga

    Join Evie for a mindfully paced Vinyasa Flow practice class paired with essential oils to bring a new dimension to your practice, helping you to stay present and connect to your breath.

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