Registered Osteopath & Owner
Joanna Mitchell

Having worked as an osteopath in Brockley since I qualified in 1991, I have treated newborn babies who’ve grown into university students and have had the privilege of treating several people until the end of their lives.  I have come to know a wide network of other very talented and interesting practitioners in the area.  The standards of quality of care, knowing my limits and developing a wide web of connections with other disciplines have been the cornerstones of the way that I work.  

Health is an ever changing picture, being complex and at the same time incredibly simple.  The complexity lies in the web of influences from our genetics, birth story, nutrition, postural habits, accumulation of injuries and accidents, even our attitudes towards health, ourselves and our relationships can shape how we function, the amount of ease/disease in our bodies.  Much of this can remain hidden, or unconscious and responding to questions in the first consultation can unearth some surprising connections.  The ‘detective work’ is ongoing throughout the course of treatment and often important information surfaces within or between treatments as the body starts to change. The simplicity lies in being able to work with innate healing forces in order to enhance the person’s connection to their stream of health.

I love the challenge of new cases as much as carrying out a long term treatment plan with someone who has a number of health issues.  My aim always is to assist the person to better understand what is going on in their body, in their life, assist them as best I can and for us to look together to see what the person can do to help themselves.    

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