Flower Therapy Practitioner

Yvette Munasinghe, known as The Spiritual Flower Lady, facilitates you in your connection to the Power of Flowers, as an intuitive flower arranger, flower healer, reader and space holder working with the energy of flowers in all that she does, intuitively sharing their messages of guidance and love.

Yvette believes that flowers are a source of healing and aid us with our wellbeing, they can help us in our everyday lives.  We all know that flowers have a positive impact on our minds helping reduce stress and improving our moods.  Creating mindful moments with flowers is what she encourages people to do so they can take time out and have some time being present with themselves. 

Yvette has been facilitating and guiding individuals on the journey towards a deeper connection with themselves through mindfulness with the use of flowers, and is passionate about encouraging people to play in mother nature’s playground by connecting them to the energy of flowers by offering flower arranging workshops, creating flower arrangements, programmes, and events that can teach people how to connect with flowers to enhance their well-being and use them as a tool to navigate life when they learn about the messages and energy that is within each one.

Yvette’s soul’s purpose is to help people see flowers through different eyes, eyes that do not see the beauty alone but the loving energy behind each flower.  Opening them to a deeper connection to flowers, themselves and mother nature.


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