Nutritional therapy

Explore the world of Nutrition, where experts steer your well-being journey. Our services encompass Nutritional Therapy and personalised guidance from dieticians and nutritionists. Embrace the strength of a nourishing diet, customised just for you – whether for maintaining health or managing chronic conditions. Begin your route to vitality now.

What is Nutritional Therapy?

Nutritional therapy combines personalised diet and lifestyle changes to promote health and help bring the body back into balance.

Symptoms are the body’s way of talking to us, highlighting that there is an imbalance of some sort that needs addressing. Nutritional therapy considers what might be the root cause of those symptoms and offers a personalised solution to achieving optimal health and well-being for the long term.

Nutritional Therapy using a Naturopathic and Functional Medicine approach is holistic in the way that it works with the person as a whole. This means addressing the underlying imbalances that may be impacting health, whilst also considering an individual’s physiological, mental/emotional, environmental, and societal factors.

Potential benefits of nutritional therapy include increasing energy levels, balancing blood sugar, reducing stress levels, improving sleep quality, balancing hormones, improving skin health, boosting immunity, improving digestion, optimising nutritional status, and managing and preventing chronic conditions and autoimmune conditions.

  • Scarlet Costello

    Scarlet Costello

    Scarlet is a qualified Nutritional Therapist and a member of BANT. Through detailed case taking and testing she explores the root imbalance and combines nutritional and lifestyle changes to support your recovery

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