What is Reiki? 
Reiki, pronounced ‘ray key’, is a simple and natural hands-on healing method. 

Reiki works by the practitioner laying her hands on/or above the client in a series of hand positions with the intention to heal. The Reiki healer’s heightened level of energy helps dissolve blockages, such as headaches, stress, fatigue or weakened immune systems, by inviting healing energy into the client.  This healing energy helps dissolve blockages and create a balance of health in mind, body and spirit.


• Reiki releases stress, tension & anxiety: leaving you feeling more focused and able to achieve goals with less effort and more enjoyment.

• Meditation is part of the reiki practice: meditation helps to increase one’s motivation and confidence: leading to improved creativity and problem-solving skills

• Reiki promotes inner calm, restores harmony and balance in the body, improving self-belief and creating deep relaxation: helps to improve your general outlook on life and boosts your immune system.

• Reiki helps reduce pain relief, physical ailments and poor sleep patterns: improves your general health and well being.

• Reiki enables us to enjoy ourselves more.

Nicky offers one to one Reiki sessions at the Centre as well as Reiki distance healing; please call for availability. She also runs small Reiki level 1 classes; for details on the next course or to book a place, please contact Nicky directly.

Contact Nicky on 077 9980 5305 or email her at nicky.jarrett@yahoo.co.uk

Contact Anna at anna@trbalance.com

Contact David at david@trbalance.com

  • Nicky Jarrett

    Nicky Jarrett

    Nicky offers one-to-one Reiki session at the Centre as well as Reiki distance healing. She is also available to run small Reiki level 1 classes
  • Anna Toombs

    Anna Toombs

    Anna has decades of experience in Fitness Instruction, Pilates and Remedial/Sports Massage Therapy. She combines movement, soft tissue therapy and energy healing
  • David Robinson

    David Robinson

    With a background in personal training, sports fitness and martial arts, David combines remedial/sports massage therapy, kinesiology taping and movement therapy

with Nicky Jarrett
£120 for a 2-day course

(Day one 6 hours, day two 2 hours)


With Nicky Jarrett
£55 per session (60 mins)

With Anna Toombs or David Robinson 
£65 per session (60 mins)

View information for all classes, workshops and therapies here.

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