‘Time For You’ – Circle for Mothers

I wanted to introduce you to the ‘Time for You’ Circle for Mothers that we have been running at the Sunflower Centre since the end of 2023 and to answer some of the Frequently Asked Questions:

Who is the ‘Time for You’ Circle for?

This Circle is for anyone who is planning or about to enter the stage of Motherhood or in the thick of it.

When the baby is born so is the Mother. No matter how old your child or children are – they will be your babies forever and that string of your heart will always be tuned into them.

What happens at the ‘Time for You’ Circle?

We use our time together: to listen to each other with respect and without judgement; to share our Mother’s worries or joy or both (depending on what is on your mind at the time); to practice self-care through guided meditation, journaling or simple craft and there is always a Guided Discussion Topic relevant to various stages of Motherhood and self-development and inner growth.

What are some examples of the Guided Discussion Topics?

We tend to find that each group will generate particular set of topics, depending on the seasons the Mothers in the group are in.

Our recent Discussion topics have included: “Our Boundaries & Motherhood”, “Our Relationship with Ourselves and Others”, “Maternal & Parental Guilt”, “Our Identity & Motherhood”, “ Work & Life Juggling Act”, “Self-Care when Caring for Others” etc.

Can I bring my baby?

The 1.5 hour-session is just about long enough to nurture yourself. Take time to switch off and be nourished by the support of others in the group. In-arms babies are welcome.

How much does it cost?

If you are attending one 1.5-hour session at a time, the cost is £27. If you are pre-paying the bundle of 6 sessions, the fee is £135 which gives you one session free.

If you are away, you will never ‘lose’ missed sessions as you can re-join the group whenever you are available again.

The fee includes refreshments!

Our current Circle Series is coming to an end and this is what the participants had to say about what the Circle means to them:

“A peaceful space where mothers can be heard, supported and accepted. It’s all about supporting each other and sharing the deepest thoughts and fears in a calm environment guided by an experienced attachment parenting mentor with a kind heart and passion for supporting mothers.”

“The circle sessions are a peaceful moment of authentic connection with other mothers. I love being able to have such deep conversations on the topic of motherhood and feel safe to show up with vulnerability.”

“We typically each have some time and space to share and be listened to with compassion, followed by a guided meditation. Then an activity, whose theme vary each month. I love those activities which are a gentle invitation to dig deeper into one’s self.”

“All of this in a lovely setting with seasonal decorations as we sip herbal tea and share cakes or chocolates. I look forward to these sessions every month!”

“The offer to join coaching sessions came when I was reaching my limit – and it felt like a breath of fresh air. I was lucky to join a group of strong, resilient, and inspirational mothers, and find a safe and supportive space. I was able to be fully transparent about my life as a mum and share the ups and downs of my journey, get to know myself better through meaningful conversations and interactive activities, and rediscover my values. And the big bonus to me was that I also found new friendships in this circle, for which I can’t be grateful enough.”

Please email me on maria@mycoaching.london  or message on 07811825107 if you are interested to join the Circle or if you have any questions.

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