A favourite quote of mine from a yoga teacher is this:

“One of the basic components of any good relationship is communication.  The other is listening.  Your body is always communicating with you, but are you listening…are you listening?” (Travis Eliot)

I love this quote because it is so true.  Our bodies continually send us signals and the more we can tap into those signals, the more balanced and centred we become.

Perhaps the ‘voice’ we hear loudest from our body is when we’re in pain.  The message might be, “your lower back is aching, don’t run today”, or, “your head hurts, did you drink enough fluid yesterday?” 

Sometimes though, we only hear the first part of the message, i.e. the pain, but often don’t follow it through to avoid any further discomfort.  The pain is a warning and when we hear it without listening, it can become an injury.  I learnt this some years ago, ignoring a persistent, increasingly tight feeling in my right calf until I woke up the day after a particularly challenging run and could barely walk.  Three months of no running for me!

The thing is, those physical niggles weren’t my first signs that something was wrong, I just didn’t know the ‘language’ my whole being was speaking back then.  I now understand that there are much more subtle messages filtering through that don’t involve pain but rather a sense of something being out of balance.  These communications tend to come first, before any pain, and so require a different kind of listening.  The busyness of life, however, means we often miss these initial whisperings.

Meditation is one way to enhance your ability to sense when something is out of balance. A few minutes each day sitting quietly with things as they are can be a very powerful and valuable practice.  In these moments, close your eyes and ask yourself how you’re feeling.  Sink into your body, sensing any areas of tension.  Repeat the words “let go” softly a few times, really meaning it.  Sometimes you might feel a physical release.  You may feel the need to cry.  Perhaps, after a few breaths, you will just feel more peaceful.  This regular tension release – though challenging at first – can be transformative, relaxing physically tight areas and opening channels of information on a different, more etheric level.

Reiki/energy healing can provide another opportunity to tune into something deeper.  When I work with clients, they’ll often get a sense of clarity about a situation or relationship issue that they’ve previously not quite been able to grasp.  Reiki helps to radiate energy flow through, in, and around the body, increasing our awareness and understanding of our intuitive self. The body, mind and spirit are interlinked and sometimes we forget this when we have pain or injury, getting caught up in the purely physical. 

It’s easiest to tune in when you slow down; remember, at any time of the day, you can always pause and take a breath.

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Anna Toombs

Massage, Movement & Reiki Therapist

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